Former SEA Scribe Finds His Calling

Scottsdale Emergency Associates is constantly inspired by our talented pool of scribes that are active in the medical community locally and abroad. One of the most outstanding examples of this type of altruism is John Schupbach, a former scribe currently enrolled in Medical School at Mayo Clinic.

Since his departure from our group, beginning with a five-month medical mission to Delhi, India, John has found his medical calling. During his first stay in India John “watched individual surgeons perform as many as 110 surgeries in a day and learned first hand the dilemmas of a health care system burdened with caring for 1/6th of the human race with only 1/10th of the GDP of the United States.”

John was unwilling to stand by and allow this disparity grow unchecked. In his time preparing to apply to medical school John founded Squalor to Scholar, a non-profit organization aimed at taking children from the slums of India into schools, changing their life trajectory through education. Since then he has founded a second program, Healing the Hidden, which provides medical procedures to children with disfiguring and life-threatening deformities, surgeries for the body and healing for the spirit that would not be possible without this organization.

We are so proud of John’s accomplishments. As a member of SEA’s extended family we will continue to follow and be inspired by what we know will be an exceptional medical career and life journey.