The Reward of Experience

As a pre-health applicant, the experience received is ideal. Scribes are an integral part of the healthcare team during the course of the patient visit to the emergency department and follow the physicians very closely. Scribes are able to witness the care of patients from the moment they are seen by the emergency department physician to discharge or admission to the hospital. This includes exposure to numerous emergency procedures, exams and treatments that most pre-health students are never able to see until they enter a graduate program (medical school, PA school, etc.). Nearly all graduate schools include experience as a scribe as counting toward clinical experience requirements.

scribe taking notes

Compensation, Physician Relationships, & Medical Education

Although previous scribes have told us that the experience alone is more than sufficient, we still believe it is important to compensate scribes with an hourly wage. Full-time scribes are also eligible for health benefits. Finally, all scribes are welcomed to ask the physicians they work with for letters of recommendation. As a final benefit, we conduct monthly educational lectures for scribes that include topics such as radiology, EKG, thorax and neurological organ systems, physician risk management and even education about the healthcare system. Interested in becoming a scribe? Apply here.