Scribe Program

What is a Scribe?

Scottsdale Emergency Associates scribes work within the emergency departments of all three Scottsdale Healthcare campuses in Scottsdale. A scribe is an integral part of the team and manages the complete patient charting for those who receive care in the emergency department, including each patient's history of present illness and the physical exam as directed by the ED physician. A scribe, furthermore, documents all procedures, physician consultations and the interpretation of all test results by the physician, including labs, imaging tests and ECGs. In addition, scribes record diagnoses and instructions for patient discharge and/or follow-up as made by the ED Physician. This exposure allows insight into not only medical terminology, but also the daily medical decision making of an ED physician. Unlike a volunteer, scribes interact directly with the physician and staff on every patient seen in the emergency department. This is a paid position and is an ideal role for anyone seeking a career in medicine. Nearly all of our scribes have advanced to medical school, physician assistant school, or nursing school. We are regularly told by those who have left the program to enter the next stage of their careers that a scribe program is, by far, the best experience a pre-health student can acquire. Scottsdale Emergency Associates is committed to creating and maintaining the premier scribe program in Arizona and to offer the best possible experience to all participants. Interested in becoming a scribe? Apply here.