Measles is a highly contagious virus that typically resides in the nose and throat of infected individuals and is passed via airborne transmission. According to the CDC (link) the 2015 measles outbreak has resulted in 102 cases (7 in Arizona) in January alone. Initial symptoms of measles include: High Fever Cough Runny nose and Watery…Read the full article

Viruses that cause respiratory illness are most active from November through May however they can occur at any time. One of the most common viruses related to respiratory complications in children is Respiratory Synchcytial Virus (RSV) and is a leading cause of bronchiolitis.  Those at highest risk for complications from RSV are premature infants, children…Read the full article

Desert summers are hot and there is nothing quite as fun or intriguing to children than cooling off in a splash of water. Keep in mind that all types of contained water can be drowning hazards. Children with access to buckets, tubs, above and in-ground pools and open water such as lakes and streams all…Read the full article

Although most insect bites and stings result in a local reaction without other complications, any or all of the following insects produce venom that can result in severe reactions constituting a medical emergency. Individuals with allergies to these stings can have anaphylactic reactions including local reactions (swelling and itching) at the site of the bite,…Read the full article

We are so glad that you have come to the Valley of the Sun to share your winter with us. While the beautiful weather may bring you comfort, we also realize that being away from home and not having access to your established doctors when you are sick can be disconcerting. We want you to…Read the full article

As a group of individuals interested in the adventures that active lives can offer SEA physicians have experienced unexpected falls or collisions and understand that these traumatic injuries have an immediate impact on patients’ lives. Our physicians are trained to identify and stabilize any injury with calmness and precision that comes through experience gained through…Read the full article

The seasonal flu is a contagious respiratory illness that affects 5-20% of US residents annually. Most cases of flu run their course associated fever, cough, sore throat, body aches and fatigue in five to seven days without a need for medical intervention. Some members of the population, individuals over the age of 65, pregnant women, children under the age…Read the full article

Pediatric Fever Treatment: Scottsdale Emergency Associates

One moment your baby is playing happily, the next, he or she has that glassy-eyed stare, the flushed red cheeks: your baby has a fever.